Lounge seating - Wave

The Wave can be finished with our Leather, Cork or Jeans coating. Three award-winning examples of finishings that integrate waste from the local leather, cork and textile recycling industries.

Soft and comfortable design.
Waterproof, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic.
For both indoor and outdoor use.
Produced based on waste materials.
Durable and long life furniture.
Circular design, made from recycled materials.
With the possibility to repair, refurbish and reuse.


Available coatings




Dark Leather
Light Leather


Wave L

Width 88 cm, Height 76 cm,
Depth 105 cm, Seat Height 38 cm,
Seat Depth 76 cm

Wave I

Width 90 cm, Height 38 cm,
Depth 105 cm

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