Sustainability is the key to the planet's wealth, which is why we care.

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Herleven develops circular economy technology and produces sustainable, aesthetic, and ecological products and design solutions.

From recycled waste to solutions that are flexible in application and create high-end design products suitable to last within the circular economy.

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At Herleven, we believe in rethinking the way things are done. We see a world where sustainable practices are the norm and waste is minimized. That's why we're building our brand around the idea of "re": rethinking, redesigning, reproducing, and reusing.

RE Think

Every project starts with an idea. Creating something new is a fascinating process but with today's heavy consumption, we want the industry to rethink ideas to be more sustainable.

RE Design

All clients have different needs so we’re here to offer individual solutions. Our goal is to create an aesthetic, flexible, and timeless design that is suitable to last within the circular economy.

RE Produce

We make products and we refurbish products. A worn-out item does not have to be thrown away. We can give it a new look without creating waste.

RE Use

From idea to final product, we can fulfill every step and much more. We believe that every item deserves to be renewed or recycled and used for another purpose.

Every step of the process, from concept to creation, can be done in a way that promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility. With our commitment to the circular economy and innovative solutions, we're excited to be at the forefront of this movement toward a more sustainable future.

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can be beautiful

Herleven not only refurbishes its own models but also focuses on refurbishing existing furniture to give it a second life.

Reupholstering is an expensive and wasteful process, and recycling a furniture piece is very complex. Old fabric needs to be recycled, the new upholstery generates waste and many shapes are almost too hard to handle or disassemble.

spraying coating on old chairs
Chair coated with recycled concrete

The solution is Circular Coatings. Maintain and repair the old furniture piece, and coat the seating with one of our coatings made from waste materials, and your product is ready for a second life.

Let’s change the
industry together

Herleven is a brand that is committed to creating sustainable solutions for both interior and exterior products. To achieve our goals, we are actively seeking partnerships with companies and brands across the globe who have the same vision like us.

By partnering with waste streams and furniture retailers, interior designers, and architects we aim to expand circular economy-based business model to a wider audience.

This approach enables the brands to reduce waste and increase resource efficiency by repurposing discarded materials into high-quality and durable products.

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Interested in joining us on our mission? Let's talk!

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